Fractions - Recognise a quarter - Worksheet

Year 2
Fractions - Recognise a quarter - Worksheet
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Master The Curriculum
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Building upon their understanding of wholes and halves, children are introduced to the concept of quarters through a series of engaging worksheets. These educational materials are designed to help students recognise a quarter as one of four equal parts of a shape, object, or quantity. The worksheets provide a hands-on approach where children can concretely and pictorially divide various shapes into four parts, ensuring that each part is equal and thus constitutes one quarter. Initially, students identify quarters in shapes that are clearly split into four sections, enhancing their ability to visualise and understand the fraction.

As the children's comprehension of quarters strengthens, the worksheets increase in complexity, challenging them to identify and shade quarters in shapes that are divided into more than four parts. They also learn to recognise quarters in different orientations, reinforcing their spatial awareness. To further develop their critical thinking, the worksheets include reasoning and problem-solving tasks where students must discern which images represent a quarter correctly, based on the equality of the parts, and explain their reasoning. These activities not only solidify their knowledge of quarters but also encourage precision and fluency in working with fractions.

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