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Welcome to faster lesson planning!

Pango is the modern platform teachers use to plan and organise amazing lessons, without the headaches!

Everything is in one place

Organise your curriculum and lesson plans

  • No more switching between programs
  • No more copying and pasting between PDFs, Word and PowerPoint
  • No more repetition!
Streamline your planning

Pango is on the Web

  • Just like your email or social media accounts, log in through the browser and it's all there, nicely organised
  • It goes wherever you go!
Curriculum Planning

You're the professional, so you're in charge

  • Pango is fully customisable
  • Put your lesson plans together the way that works for you

What are teachers saying?

"Pango is making my life so much easier – it keeps my lessons organised and helps manage my time.”

Stephanie - Teacher, UK

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