Fractions - Recognise a quarter - Planning

Year 2
Fractions - Recognise a quarter - Planning
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In Year 2, students embark on a journey through the world of fractions, specifically focusing on recognising a quarter during the first week of their Spring term in the Fractions unit. The lesson plan is structured to build on their existing understanding of wholes and halves, guiding them to identify and work with quarters. The teaching begins with a starter activity to recap this prior knowledge, followed by class teaching input where students are introduced to the concept of quarters both concretely and pictorially. They learn that a whole can be divided into four equal parts, each part being a quarter, denoted as 1/4, where '1' is the numerator indicating one part taken and '4' is the denominator representing the total parts the whole is divided into.

Interactive activities are woven into the lesson, encouraging partner work and discussions to deepen understanding. Students are presented with various tasks, such as identifying quarters in different shapes like pizzas and exploring the notation of fractions through shaded parts. The lesson plan also addresses potential misconceptions, such as unequal divisions or incorrect interpretations of shapes divided into different numbers of parts. To consolidate learning, reasoning and problem-solving activities are included, prompting students to apply their knowledge creatively. The lesson concludes with a reflective 'Give me five' plenary, where children articulate what they've learned, the skills they've used, and what they found challenging, ensuring they remember the key aspects of recognising quarters. Differentiated worksheets cater to varying levels of proficiency, from 'Working Towards' to 'Greater Depth', allowing each child to progress at their own pace and depth of understanding.

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