KS1 Working Scientifically Progress Matrix

Reception - Year 3
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KS1 Working Scientifically Progress Matrix
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The KS1 Termly Working Scientifically Progress Matrix is a structured guide designed to track the development of scientific enquiry skills in Key Stage 1 pupils throughout a school term. The matrix is divided into weekly milestones that allow teachers to monitor the progression of their students in asking questions, suggesting ways to answer them, making observations, and understanding patterns and relationships. In the first week, Year 1 and Year 2 groups start by focusing on asking simple questions. As the weeks progress, they move on to suggesting different ways of answering questions, with the complexity gradually increasing to include the use of keyword vocabulary to make observations and answer questions.

By the middle of the term, students are expected to notice patterns and relationships, and towards the end of the term, Year 2 students also work on explaining their observations using keyword vocabulary. This cyclical approach ensures that by the end of the school year, pupils will have completed three comprehensive cycles of scientific enquiry milestones. Additionally, the matrix aligns with the National Curriculum requirements for pupils to perform simple tests, identify and classify, and gather and record data to help answer questions. These skills are developed through practical activities within the PZAZ scheme, and teachers are encouraged to consult individual lesson plans for specifics on working scientifically in each lesson. This matrix serves as a valuable tool for ensuring consistent scientific development in young learners.