Vaccines and misinformation Lesson Presentation

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)
Year 1 - Year 2
Vaccines and misinformation Lesson Presentation
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In a thoughtfully crafted lesson, primary school students are encouraged to engage in discussions about vaccines and their importance. The lesson starts with a pair activity where students share their experiences of being unwell and the medicines that helped them recover. This personal reflection sets the stage for exploring the broader topic of vaccines. The lesson's structure guides the children through a learning journey, beginning with the basic question of what a vaccine is and why it's a current topic of discussion. This includes recognising the recent conversations around vaccines, even noting that public figures such as the Queen and Prince Philip have been involved in discussions after receiving new vaccines in early 2021.

As the lesson unfolds, students are prompted to consider why we get sick and how viruses, such as the coronavirus, affect us. Through interactive videos, they learn about the nature of viruses and the body's response. The historical context is provided by discussing Edward Jenner's pioneering work in creating the first vaccine against smallpox over two centuries ago. Students then explore the various vaccines available in the UK, the ages at which they are typically administered, and are encouraged to think about their own experiences with vaccinations. The lesson also tackles misinformation, clarifying that vaccines are safe and cannot cause illnesses, and explains why the rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines does not compromise their safety. The ultimate goal is to empower students to become informed experts who can address common misconceptions about vaccines and understand their critical role in public health.

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