Vaccines and misinformation Lesson Plan

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)
Year 1 - Year 2
Vaccines and misinformation Lesson Plan
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The VotesforSchools lesson plan for Key Stage 1 (KS1) pupils addresses the important topic of vaccines and how they work. The lesson begins with a brief 2-3 minute starter where pupils are encouraged to share personal experiences of being unwell and what helped them recover. This personal touch helps to engage the children and set the context for the lesson. Following this, the class spends 1-2 minutes discussing the relevance of the topic, exploring the reasons behind learning about vaccines, especially in the context of current events.

Over the next 3-5 minutes, the pupils watch an educational video that illustrates how viruses, including the Coronavirus, affect our bodies and what measures can be taken to prevent their spread. This visual aid enhances understanding and retention. The lesson then moves on to a 6-10 minute segment where pupils are taught what a vaccine is and the science behind how vaccines work to protect us. They also learn about the development of new vaccines, such as those for the Coronavirus. In a 4-10 minute activity titled 'You’re the expert!', pupils are presented with common myths about vaccines. Using the knowledge they've acquired during the lesson, they attempt to debunk these myths. Finally, the lesson includes a participatory element where pupils vote on a question related to the lesson, encouraging them to apply their learning and engage in critical thinking. The lesson plan is designed to be inclusive, with challenge tasks and supporting materials available for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) learners, and it introduces key vocabulary such as 'vaccine', 'virus', and 'coronavirus'.

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