Medium Term Plan - Dance - Year 6

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Year 6
Medium Term Plan - Dance - Year 6
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The Year 6 Dance medium-term plan, part of the PE Resources Bank, spans six lessons and aims to enhance students' abilities to create and link a variety of dance actions. The curriculum is designed to foster creativity and improve control of the body as an expressive instrument. Students will learn to work collaboratively in pairs or small groups, developing their evaluative skills to enhance their dance movements. The knowledge component of the course covers understanding movements in relation to music, composing simple dances using spatial awareness, formations, and timing, and the use of gestures to convey emotions. Students will also focus on developing rhythm, timing, and expressive gestures, as well as incorporating jumps into their sequences.

Throughout the course, students will build upon previous dance experiences, make continual improvements, and develop their decision-making skills. The curriculum includes key concepts such as accurately replicating dance patterns and styles, improving physical and mental capacity, and developing skills for performances. Personal development is also a focal point, with an emphasis on sportsmanship and British values like tolerance and respect. The course culminates in students evaluating and improving their dances, using video recordings as a tool for observation and critique. The scheme of work specifically incorporates the 'Haka', a traditional Maori war dance, as a thematic element, providing a rich cultural context for the students' learning journey. Cross-curricular links are made with literacy, numeracy, and music, and resources such as a Haka dance clip and sequence cards are provided to support the learning process.

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