Fractions - Recognise a half - Starter

Year 2
Fractions - Recognise a half - Starter
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Master The Curriculum
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In this engaging mathematics session for Year 2 students, part of the Spring Term's Week 10 Day 3 curriculum, children are encouraged to strengthen their understanding of fractions, specifically recognising halves and quarters. The lesson kicks off with a 'Fluent in Four - Revision' exercise, where students are tasked with solving a variety of arithmetic problems. These include straightforward addition, such as 22 plus 13, and multiplication tasks that require finding the missing number to complete the equation, like determining what number multiplied by 8 gives 40. This helps to solidify their basic operations skills, an essential foundation for understanding fractions.

The lesson continues with a series of object counting activities that help students apply their knowledge of numbers in a practical context. They count different 3D shapes, including cuboids, cylinders, pyramids, cubes, spheres, and cones, reinforcing their shape recognition and counting skills. Additionally, the children are presented with fraction problems where they must find one half of 6 and one half of 18, as well as one quarter of 20, enabling them to visualise and calculate fractions of whole numbers. The session concludes with a fun and interactive task where the students must divide an ice cream illustration into three equal groups, promoting their understanding of equal parts and division in a relatable and enjoyable way.

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