Fractions - Recognise a half - Presentation

Year 2
Fractions - Recognise a half - Presentation
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In the lesson focused on fractions, specifically on recognising a half, students are introduced to the concept of dividing objects into two equal parts. The lesson begins with a discussion prompt, encouraging students to contemplate what the term 'half' means. This sets the stage for a series of activities that aim to deepen their understanding of halves. For instance, one activity involves a visual representation of a lolly that has been divided into equal parts, and students are asked to complete sentences to express one part as a fraction, which is the same as one half or 1/2. This activity helps students to visually grasp the idea of a half by connecting it to a real-life object.

Further activities challenge students to apply their knowledge to different scenarios, such as determining whether a pizza split into parts represents a half, even if the parts are not equal. This leads to a reasoning exercise where students must decide if a statement about the shaded part of a shape is correct, encouraging them to think critically about the properties that define a half. Independent work tasks include identifying images that show a half and explaining reasoning behind choices, further reinforcing the concept. The lesson concludes with reflective questions about the number of equal parts objects are split into, the value of each part as a fraction, and the meaning of the numerals in the fraction 1/2, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of what it means to recognise a half.

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