Properties of shape - Make 2D and 3D shapes - Presentation

Year 2
Properties of shape - Make 2D and 3D shapes - Presentation
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The "Properties of Shape" unit delves into the world of geometry, specifically focusing on the creation and recognition of two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) shapes. The presentation component of this unit is designed to visually guide students through the characteristics and distinctions of various geometric forms. By actively engaging in the construction of 2D shapes, students will gain a practical understanding of concepts such as sides, vertices, and symmetry. This hands-on approach not only aids in the recognition of shapes but also fosters an appreciation for the geometric patterns and structures that exist in the world around them.

Moving beyond flat surfaces, the presentation then leads students into the realm of 3D shapes, where they explore facets such as faces, edges, and vertices in a more complex spatial context. Through interactive elements, students are encouraged to manipulate and assemble 3D shapes, enhancing their spatial awareness and grasp of geometric properties. This experiential learning helps to cement their understanding of how 2D shapes serve as the building blocks for their 3D counterparts, and the significance of dimensionality in geometry. The presentation serves as a dynamic tool for visualizing and comprehending the foundational principles of shape properties.

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