Properties of shape - Make 2D and 3D shapes - Starter

Year 2
Properties of shape - Make 2D and 3D shapes - Starter
Master The Curriculum
Master The Curriculum
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The 'Fluent in Four' revision activity is designed to consolidate various mathematical concepts for Year 2 students during the Spring Term. The session begins with arithmetic exercises where children are tasked with solving subtraction problems, such as finding the difference between 99 and 36, and performing operations like doubling 26 and then subtracting double the number 20. These exercises are intended to sharpen their mental maths skills and enhance their understanding of basic arithmetic operations.

Following the number tasks, the activity shifts focus to geometry, where students match common geometric shapes—triangle, rectangle, square, and circle—to their corresponding illustrations, labelled A, B, C, and D. This not only helps in reinforcing shape recognition but also aids in developing their vocabulary. Additionally, the children are presented with a practical problem involving 14 red and purple cars, from which they need to deduce how many are purple given that 7 are red. The final part of the session involves completing sentences with the words 'left' and 'right' to describe the relative positions of objects, which encourages spatial awareness and the use of positional language.

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