10 More or Less - Worksheet

Year 3 - Year 4
10 More or Less - Worksheet
Teacher of Primary
Teacher of Primary
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This worksheet, designed for educational purposes, presents a numerical exercise aimed at enhancing students' understanding of basic arithmetic, specifically the concept of adding and subtracting ten from a given number. The first part of the worksheet asks students to identify a number that is ten more than the number displayed. A series of numbers are listed, such as 86, 1473, and 6928, and students are required to add ten to each of these numbers to find the correct answer. This activity is designed to reinforce the students' ability to perform simple addition and understand the place value system.

The second section of the worksheet focuses on the concept of subtraction. Students are tasked with determining which number is ten less than the number shown. Numbers provided include 86, 1761, and 8078, among others. The exercise challenges students to subtract ten from each listed number, thus practising their subtraction skills and further solidifying their comprehension of place value. This worksheet serves as a practical tool for educators to assess and develop their pupils' proficiency in basic arithmetic operations involving the number ten.

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