Holes Medium Term Plan

Year 5 - Year 6
Holes Medium Term Plan
Teacher of Primary
Teacher of Primary
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The 'Holes' Medium Term Plan is a comprehensive guide for educators to facilitate a novel study on Louis Sachar's "Holes", focusing on developing reading skills among students. The plan is spread over 23 lessons, each structured with a starter, introduction, development, and plenary, and supported by PowerPoint presentations and worksheets. Lesson 1 kicks off with a volunteer reading the book's blurb, followed by a class discussion on the cover, leading to an in-depth reading of the first chapter. Subsequent lessons build upon this, with activities designed to engage students in various aspects of the text, such as examining narrative hooks, exploring themes of fate and destiny, and understanding character development. The plan includes a variety of tasks like language exercises, film clip discussions, and creative writing, all aimed at enhancing comprehension and analytical skills.

As the unit progresses, students delve into more complex concepts such as tension building, character contrasts, and sub-plots. Lessons involve reading and discussing chapters, creating spider diagrams, mind maps, and storyboards, and writing detailed paragraphs with close reference to the text. The plan also incorporates critical thinking exercises, such as a research task on racial segregation and a hotseating activity to explore characters in depth. The plenary sections of each lesson encourage feedback and constructive criticism, allowing students to reflect on their learning and understand the nuances of the narrative. By the end of the 23 lessons, students will have not only improved their reading and analytical skills but also gained a deeper appreciation for the craft of storytelling.

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