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Year 5 - Year 6
Holes Links
Teacher of Primary
Teacher of Primary
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To enhance the teaching of the novel "Holes," a variety of online resources are available for educators. These resources include interactive quizzes that can be accessed online or printed for classroom use. The quizzes are designed to engage students and test their comprehension of the book. Additionally, there are free online study guides that provide detailed notes and analyses, which can serve as valuable tools for both teachers and students looking to delve deeper into the book's themes, characters, and plot.

For a more interactive learning experience, students can participate in online trivia quizzes that challenge their knowledge of "Holes" through questions that require direct quotations from the book as evidence. This not only reinforces their memory of the story but also encourages close reading and attention to detail. Teachers can also explore further educational resources and ideas through links that offer a broader range of activities and insights related to the novel, catering to various learning styles and preferences.

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