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Nursery - Year 1
AA Intervention Manual Content page - resource
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The AA Intervention Manual is a comprehensive resource designed to assist in the teaching of phonics and reading skills. It begins with an introduction that sets the stage for the content provided within the manual. Following this, there is a section titled 'Guidance for Parents: Golden Keys to Success,' which offers valuable insights for parents to support their child's learning journey. An 'Action Plan' section helps in structuring the learning process, while the 'Baseline Assessment' provides a starting point to gauge a child's current understanding of phonics.

Additional resources within the manual include an 'Eye Tracking Guide' to aid reading fluency, and 'Stages and Port Assessments' to evaluate progress through various stages of phonics mastery. The 'Intervention Tracking Sheet' is a tool for monitoring a student's advancement through the intervention. For those conducting guided reading sessions, there is a section with 'Advice for Guided Reading.' The manual also contains detailed 'Lesson Plans & Word Banks' for each stage, from phonemic awareness to spelling complex words, ensuring a structured approach to literacy development. Supplementary materials such as decoding aids, games like 'Word Whirlpool' and 'Snakes and Ladders,' along with grapheme and pictophone cards, enrich the learning experience. The manual concludes with a 'Pictophone Reference Sheet,' an 'SSP Phase Overview,' and a comprehensive 'Glossary' to clarify any terminology used throughout the manual.

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