Medium Term Plan - Athletics - Year 6

Physical Education
Year 6
Medium Term Plan - Athletics - Year 6
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The Year 6 Athletics scheme of work, intended to span seven lessons, is structured around the Key Stage 2 curriculum and aims to enhance students' abilities in running, jumping, and throwing. The primary intent of this programme is to enable pupils to accurately replicate these skills both individually and in combination, and to participate in and design challenges that test precision, speed, and stamina. Throughout the course, students will focus on improving their athletic abilities, measuring and comparing times and distances, and gaining a deeper understanding of the specific fitness requirements for each type of athletic event. The knowledge component of the plan ensures that students will learn when to initiate skill replication across various contexts, generate and implement strategies to enhance performance, apply event rules, and develop cooperation skills.

The sequential learning process is designed to build upon the pupils' existing running, jumping, and throwing skills, encouraging them to replicate basic techniques in competitive settings, plan tactically, and assume different roles. Key concepts such as accurate replication, developing physical and mental capacity, and decision-making are embedded throughout the curriculum. The plan also focuses on personal development, emphasising sportsmanship, respect, and the importance of maintaining health and fitness. As students progress, they will evaluate and improve their techniques, with peer assessments and targeted questioning to help them understand the elements of effective athletic performance. Cross-curricular links with literacy and numeracy are incorporated to enhance learning, and the impact of the programme is measured at three levels: beginning, developing, and exceeding, with clear outcomes for each stage. The scheme of work culminates in an Athletics festival, where students apply their refined techniques in a competitive environment, demonstrating an understanding of the rules and principles of each event.

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