Medium Term Plan - Athletics - Year 7

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Medium Term Plan - Athletics - Year 7
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The Year 7 Athletics Medium Term Plan, designed for Key Stage 3, spans 6-8 lessons with the primary intent of enhancing students' abilities to accurately replicate running, jumping, and throwing skills. This plan aims to improve athletic event performances by exploring core techniques and applying biomechanical knowledge, with a focus on recording and surpassing personal bests in terms of speed, height, and distance. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of skill replication in various competitive contexts, basic biomechanics, simple tactics for performance enhancement, event-specific rules, and health and safety guidelines for equipment use. The curriculum covers a range of skills including sprinting, pacing, leg and arm drive, take-off, flight, landing, throwing actions, and starts.

Implementation of the plan involves a sequence of activities that encourage the replication of basic athletic techniques in competitive situations, tactical planning and refinement, and the opportunity for students to assume different roles within practices and events. The scheme of work includes detailed lesson tasks and activities that are differentiated to cater to various learning needs and include assessment tools. Students will engage in a variety of athletic disciplines, each with specific learning objectives and tasks such as sprinting, pace running, long jump, shot put, and javelin, culminating with hurdles. Each discipline is designed to foster decision-making, problem-solving, and personal development, with a focus on sportsmanship and British values of tolerance and respect. The plan also emphasises the importance of evaluating and improving through the use of worksheets, video analysis, and peer feedback. The impact of the program is assessed across four key areas: basic replication of core skills, development of physical literacy, improvement of personal bests and setting targets, and understanding of warm-ups and event rules/terminology, with the aim of developing emerging, developing, and mastery levels in students.

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