Medium Term Plan - Dance - Year 5

Physical Education
Year 5
Medium Term Plan - Dance - Year 5
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The Year 5 dance curriculum, spanning 6 lessons, is designed to nurture the creativity and physical expression of students through dance. The core intent is to teach children to create and replicate dance sequences that reflect a variety of movement patterns influenced by different times, places, and cultures. Emphasis is placed on expressing emotions and moods in response to diverse stimuli and accompanying music. Throughout the course, students will work both individually and collaboratively to develop their creativity, evaluate their movements, and refine their performances with the aim of continuous improvement.

The programme is structured to progressively build students' knowledge and skills. They will begin by understanding and recalling the fundamentals of dance, such as replicating movements to music, composing simple dances, and recognising the significance of creativity and timing. The skills honed will include rhythm, timing, gestures, expression, and jumps. As students proceed, they will learn to accurately replicate movement patterns, make decisions, solve problems cooperatively, and develop both physical and mental capacity through dance. Evaluating and improving their own and others' work is a key element, using video recordings as a tool for self-assessment. The scheme incorporates cross-curricular links to literacy and numeracy, and the impact of the programme will be assessed at three levels: beginning, developing, and exceeding expectations in terms of movement replication, emotional expression, and timing in performance.

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