Max Maths, Year 1, Learn together, Halving shapes by folding

Year 1
Max Maths, Year 1, Learn together, Halving shapes by folding
Max Maths
Max Maths

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In the 'Max Maths, Year 1' curriculum, young learners are introduced to the concept of halving shapes through an interactive and visual method of folding. The 'Learn Together' section presents various shapes, each divided by a red line, with one side coloured blue and the other yellow. This hands-on activity encourages students to observe the properties of the shapes and to discover that by folding along the red line, the two halves can perfectly cover one another. This illustrates that each side is equal in size, effectively demonstrating the concept of halving. The activity not only teaches mathematical symmetry and fractions but also engages fine motor skills and spatial awareness.

The lesson is designed to be a collaborative and exploratory experience, prompting children to discuss what they notice about the shapes before them. As they fold the shapes along the designated line, they can see for themselves that the blue side matches the yellow side exactly, reinforcing the idea that the two halves are identical. This simple yet effective technique of folding to find halves helps to lay the foundation for understanding fractions and division in a very tangible and accessible way, making it an excellent tool for introducing these concepts to Year 1 students.

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