Place value - Compare objects - Starter

Year 3
Place value - Compare objects - Starter
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The "Fluent in Four" revision activity is designed for Year 3 students to practice their understanding of place value and addition. It involves filling in the blanks of addition sentences to demonstrate mastery of the concepts. The activity encourages children to think critically about number relationships and how numbers can be broken down into hundreds, tens, and ones. For instance, students are asked to complete a table that helps them visualise what a number is when 100 is added or subtracted from it. This helps to reinforce their understanding of how numbers are structured in the decimal system and the value of each digit depending on its position.

Additionally, students are challenged with questions such as calculating how many shapes have a specific number of vertices, in this case, eight. They are also tasked with completing a model and writing four number sentences that represent the same calculation, further solidifying their comprehension of number operations and place value. The activity includes examples where numbers are broken down into their constituent parts, like 80 (which is composed of 8 tens) and 6 (which is 6 ones), and then recombined in various ways to show the flexibility of number composition. By engaging in these exercises, students enhance their numerical fluency and develop a stronger foundation for more complex mathematical concepts.

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