Counting in Halves, Thirds and Quarters - Worksheet

Year 2
Counting in Halves, Thirds and Quarters  - Worksheet
Teacher of Primary
Teacher of Primary
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The "Counting in Halves, Thirds and Quarters" worksheet is a comprehensive resource designed to help students understand and practise the concept of fractions. The worksheet includes a variety of activities, starting with shading shapes to visually represent different fractions such as halves, thirds, and quarters. Students are then challenged to identify the missing fraction in a sequence and to circle the correct image that continues a given pattern. These tasks encourage learners to recognise and work with fractions in a visual and interactive manner.

Further exercises on the worksheet involve completing number lines with appropriate fractions and solving real-world problems, such as determining the number of whole pizzas needed if eight friends are sharing pizzas in quarters. Additionally, there is an activity where students must decide between two characters, Jay and Joe, who are counting backwards in quarters, to determine who is correct and why. This engages students in critical thinking and reinforces their understanding of equivalence in fractions. The worksheet is structured to support students in building their fraction skills progressively, from recognising and representing fractions to applying their knowledge in practical scenarios.

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