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The CanDo21 Mats provide a comprehensive and interactive approach to mastering key mathematical concepts such as place value and multiplication. The 7x7 mat, designed to 'deepen' understanding, offers a variety of activities that challenge students to think critically and apply their knowledge in different scenarios. For example, students explore the concept of square numbers, recognising that 7 multiplied by 7 equals 49, and delve into the properties of this number by considering whether it is prime and understanding why it is referred to as a square number.

These mats encourage pupils to engage with numbers in various ways, from visualising them on an array or number line to performing operations like doubling or dividing. Students are prompted to 'draw it', 'derive it', and reflect on their learning with statements like "Now I see why it's called a square number!" The activities also include practical applications, such as calculating how many pieces of 70cm rope can be made from a 5-metre length, or figuring out the arrangement of 54 shrubs in a square pattern. Through these exercises, students not only practice arithmetic with whole numbers and decimals but also develop problem-solving skills and a deeper understanding of the numbers they work with.