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The CanDo21 Mats provide a structured approach to enhancing mathematical skills across several key areas, tailored for learners to deepen their understanding. The mats cover a range of topics, including place value for both whole numbers and decimals, as well as fractions. They incorporate a variety of exercises designed to reinforce these concepts, such as 'Neighbours', which likely involves identifying adjacent values in sequences, and 'Double or divide it', which prompts students to manipulate numbers by doubling or halving them. The mats also encourage students to draw and derive solutions, engaging with the material in a visual and analytical manner.

One section of the mat focuses on multiplication and division, using the fact 54 divided by 6 equals 9 to build upon further calculations, such as 6 multiplied by 9 and breaking it down into factors. Students are challenged with questions that require them to fill in the blanks, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills. For example, they might be asked to determine the missing numbers in equations like '_ x _ = 54' or '54 divided by _ = _'. The mat also includes real-world applications, such as calculating the number of packs of balloons needed for a party or the distribution of bulbs in rows for planting, thus connecting mathematical concepts to everyday situations. The inclusion of scaling exercises further develops the students' ability to work with proportions and ratios. Overall, the CanDo21 Mats serve as a comprehensive tool for practicing and mastering fundamental maths skills.