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CanDo Maths

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The CanDo21 Mats are designed to engage students with a variety of mathematical concepts through a series of interconnected activities. These mats focus on several key areas, including place value for whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and the concept of 'neighbours' or adjacent numbers. The exercises encourage students to deepen their understanding by applying knowledge in different contexts, such as doubling or halving values, and drawing or deriving solutions to problems presented.

One section of the mat presents a series of multiplication and division challenges that require students to fill in the blanks to complete equations. For example, if they know that 28 divided by 4 equals 7, they might be asked to find the missing number in a similar division equation. Other activities involve scaling, array usage, and number lines to visually represent and solve problems. The exercises also include real-world applications, such as determining the number of trips Farmer Jack must make to transport his sheep to market, or calculating how many badges Carl can buy with £3. These practical scenarios help students understand the relevance of mathematical operations in everyday life.