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The CanDo21 Mats are a versatile educational resource designed to enhance students' understanding of various mathematical concepts. Specifically, this mat focuses on deepening the knowledge of place value for both whole numbers and decimals, as well as fractions. Through a series of engaging activities, students are encouraged to explore and manipulate numbers, enabling them to grasp the underlying principles of place value and its significance in arithmetic operations.

The mat provides a variety of exercises that challenge students to think critically about numbers and their relationships. For instance, students are prompted to consider the outcomes of dividing or multiplying numbers, such as understanding that if 24 divided by 4 equals 6, then 4 must be a factor of 24. The exercises also delve into the concept of scaling, where students are asked to find the missing numbers in multiplication and division equations that result in 24. Additionally, real-world problems, such as calculating the number of boxes needed to store eggs, offer practical applications of division and multiplication. The mat encourages students to derive answers and create their own questions, fostering a deeper comprehension of place value and its application in everyday scenarios.