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The ArithmeKit 1.7 from CanDoMaths presents a series of engaging activities for students to learn about comparing numbers. In one exercise, students are tasked with sorting a set of numbers into two groups: those greater than 25 and those less than 25. This exercise includes numbers such as 67, 52, 19, 25, 74, and 28, challenging students to correctly categorize each number. Additionally, students are asked to compare pairs of numbers and determine whether one is more or less than the other. For example, they must decide if 27 is less than or more than 28, and similarly compare other pairs like 37 to 39, 19 to 16, and 16 to 13. The kit encourages critical thinking by asking students to complete these comparisons in multiple ways and to create their own sorting challenges.

Further exercises in the ArithmeKit 1.7 involve more complex comparison tasks, such as filling in missing digits to make statements true, like "24 is more than 18," and using digits 0 through 9 to solve problems in various ways. The kit also includes a section where students must agree or disagree with statements about the relative sizes of numbers based on their ones digits, as well as use practical resources to demonstrate that numbers like 21 and 12 are not equal. Another component of the kit features a 'yes or no' activity where students must circle the correct answer to statements like "13 is less than 23" and "17 is more than 19," helping them to further develop their number comparison skills and understanding of numerical order.