Knowledge organiser - Great Fire of London - Year 2

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Knowledge organiser - Great Fire of London - Year 2
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The Year 2 Knowledge Organiser for the Great Fire of London provides essential vocabulary and key knowledge points to help students understand this significant historical event. The fire famously began on Pudding Lane in a bakery owned by Thomas Farynor, also known as Farriner. A key historical figure associated with the fire is Samuel Pepys, who is renowned for his detailed diary entries that include a first-hand account of the fire's devastation. During the fire, leather buckets were a crucial tool, used to transport water from the River Thames in an attempt to extinguish the blaze. The organiser also touches upon the plague, also referred to as the Black Death, which had ravaged London shortly before the fire, adding to the city's woes.

The key knowledge section outlines the important lessons learned from the fire, such as the reasons behind its prolonged duration and the evolution of firefighting equipment over time. Students are expected to understand the significance of the event in shaping London's history, including why we are aware of the fire's occurrence and the impact it had on the city's development. The organiser emphasises the importance of learning from past disasters and how such events can lead to improvements in safety and infrastructure. This historical topic builds upon prior knowledge and aims to help Year 2 students grasp the importance of The Great Fire of London in shaping both the past and the present.