Progression pedagogy - Great Fire of London - Year 2

Year 2
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Progression pedagogy - Great Fire of London - Year 2
Focus Education
Focus Education
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The educational approach for Year 2 students learning about the Great Fire of London utilises a structured progression methodology designed to enhance knowledge retention and understanding. This pedagogy is centred around a five-stage system: 'link it, learn it, check it, show it, and know it', which is applied consistently across all learning units to maximise the opportunities for pupils to absorb and recall information effectively. The process begins before the learning takes place, where connections are made with previous knowledge to provide a foundation for new information.

During the learning phase, students are actively engaged with the material, discovering the lessons learned from the historical event of the Great Fire of London. This is followed by a checking stage, where understanding is assessed and any misconceptions are addressed. The 'show it' phase allows students to demonstrate their grasp of the topic, ensuring the information 'sticks'. Finally, at the end of the learning process, the 'know it' stage ensures that students have a firm understanding of the content, which is further cemented after the learning through various reinforcement activities. This progression pedagogy is detailed in the 'Five stages of learning and remembering' document provided by Focus Education (UK) Ltd, offering further insights into the teaching strategy.