Max Maths, Year 4, Work Book, Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams

Year 4
Max Maths, Year 4, Work Book, Venn diagrams and Carroll  diagrams
Max Maths
Max Maths
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The Max Maths workbook for Year 4 provides an interactive way to learn about Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams through a variety of practice activities. In Practice 3, students are presented with a Venn diagram listing names of people who have visited different attractions: a water park, a museum, and a zoo. The exercise asks students to analyse the diagram to determine how many people visited each attraction, which visitors went to multiple attractions, the total number of people surveyed, and the most popular attraction among the group. This activity is designed to help students understand set theory and the concept of intersection and union in a practical context.

Another activity requires students to sort a range of numbers from 15 to 35 into a Carroll diagram based on whether they are multiples of 5 and whether they are odd or not. This task encourages students to apply their knowledge of number properties and categorisation. Additionally, the workbook challenges students to draw shapes with various characteristics into another Carroll diagram. The shapes must be categorised based on whether they have an odd or even number of sides and whether all edges are straight. This exercise helps students to consolidate their understanding of geometric properties and their ability to classify shapes according to specific criteria.