Place value - Order numbers 2 - Worksheet

Year 3
Place value - Order numbers 2 - Worksheet
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The "Order Numbers" worksheet is an engaging resource designed to help Year 6 students compare and order numbers up to 1,000 and solve related number problems. The National Curriculum objective for this lesson is to enable students to understand and apply concepts of ordering numbers, both in ascending and descending order, and to use this skill to tackle practical problems. To facilitate this learning, differentiated sheets and teaching slides are provided as resources. Key vocabulary for the lesson includes terms such as order, compare, ascending, descending, greatest, and smallest, which are crucial for students to grasp the concept of sequencing numbers.

Students are encouraged to use Base 10 or other concrete materials to aid their understanding of number order. They are tasked with cutting out and arranging numbers presented in various forms – as digits, words, and number sentences – and are expected to explain their reasoning behind the ordering. The worksheet is designed to cater to different levels of proficiency, with activities ranging from 'Working Towards' to 'Greater Depth'. Additionally, 'Reasoning & Problem Solving' sections challenge students to think critically, such as determining possible hidden numbers in a sequence or debunking the misconception that only the highest value place column needs to be considered when ordering numbers. These activities not only solidify the students' understanding of place value but also enhance their problem-solving skills.

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