Place value - Order numbers - Worksheet

Year 3
Place value - Order numbers - Worksheet
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The 'Order Numbers' worksheet provides a structured approach to understanding place value and ordering numbers up to 1,000. The National Curriculum objectives covered include comparing and ordering numbers, identifying and estimating numbers using various representations, and recognising the place value of each digit in a three-digit number. This worksheet requires children to use differentiated sheets and teaching slides, and introduces key vocabulary such as 'order', 'compare', 'ascending', 'descending', 'greatest', 'smallest', and 'represent'. Utilising tools like counters and base 10 blocks, students will practice arranging numbers from the smallest to the greatest and vice versa, while being encouraged to articulate their reasoning.

The worksheet is designed to help children grasp the concept of numerical order through a series of activities that involve adding comparison symbols (<, =, >) to make statements correct. Students will compare numbers represented in different ways, including pictorially with base 10 blocks and as written digits. The tasks are tiered to accommodate various levels of understanding, from those working towards expected standards to those capable of greater depth reasoning. Students will also tackle problem-solving exercises where they must determine the correctness of given number sequences and explain their reasoning, further reinforcing their comprehension of numerical order and place value.

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