Properties of shape - Make patterns with 3D shapes - Planning

Year 2
Properties of shape - Make patterns with 3D shapes  - Planning
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In a Year 2 geometry lesson, children explore the properties of 3D shapes by engaging in the creative task of making patterns. The lesson utilises a variety of resources such as differentiated sheets, teaching slides, and a selection of 3D shapes, including cones, cubes, cylinders, spheres, triangular prisms, and pyramids. Key vocabulary terms like face, edge, vertex, vertices, rotate, and position are introduced to deepen the students' understanding of shape properties. Prior to the lesson, the children recap the concept of repeating patterns, a skill they previously encountered. They are then encouraged to use real-life objects to create these patterns, experimenting with different orientations and arrangements of the shapes.

The lesson features a mix of practical activities and partner work, prompting children to discuss and articulate their reasoning in full sentences. They are tasked with identifying repeating sections in patterns, continuing sequences, and considering how different positions and rotations of the same object can alter the appearance of a pattern. Problem-solving exercises challenge the students to compare patterns, create new ones with different 3D shapes, and predict the appearance of subsequent items in a sequence. To consolidate their learning, children reflect on the skills they have used and identify aspects of the lesson that they found challenging or helpful. Differentiated worksheets cater to varying levels of understanding, from simple pattern continuation to determining complex terms of sequences, allowing each child to progress towards expected or greater depth in their knowledge of 3D shapes and patterns.

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