Properties of shape - Sort 3D shapes - Starter

Year 2
Properties of shape - Sort 3D shapes  - Starter
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The 'Fluent in Four' revision activity is a stimulating starter exercise aimed at Year 2 students in their Spring Term, specifically Week 9, Day 3. This task is designed to reinforce their mathematical skills through a series of engaging questions. One of the questions prompts pupils to solve multiplication problems to find the missing numbers, such as '8 x ___ = 28 + 12' and '7 x ___ = 70'. Another question encourages students to develop their understanding of time by recognising 'half past 8'. Additionally, the exercise involves sorting shapes based on the number of vertices they have, starting with the one with the fewest. Pupils are also asked to count and write the number of gingerbread people and pentagons presented to them.

The activity continues to challenge students with questions that require them to find half of a given number, reinforcing their division and fraction skills. For instance, they are asked to find 'half of ____ is ____', encouraging them to divide numbers by two and identify the resulting halves. This practical application of division helps solidify their understanding of basic fractions. The tasks are designed to be clear and accessible, allowing children to apply their knowledge of multiplication, shape properties, and fractions in a straightforward and enjoyable manner.

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