Properties of shape - Sort 3D shapes - Planning

Year 2
Properties of shape - Sort 3D shapes  - Planning
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In the third week of the Geometry unit for Year 2, the lesson plan introduces children to the concept of sorting 3D shapes. The objective is to utilise their understanding of shape properties, such as faces, edges, vertices, and the ability to roll or stack, to organise various shapes. The lesson begins with a starter activity that revisits previously learned content, followed by class teaching input, where students match real-life objects to their corresponding 3D shapes, such as matching a can to a cylinder. Partner work is encouraged to foster discussion and the use of full sentences to explain their reasoning.

During independent learning, children engage in practical activities using sorting hoops and Venn diagrams to categorise shapes based on different criteria and explore the relationships between them. The presentation guides them through various sorting exercises, prompting them to articulate what is similar or different among the groups they create. The lesson also includes problem-solving tasks that challenge students to differentiate between shapes like cubes and cuboids and to use Venn diagrams effectively. To consolidate their learning, a plenary session encourages reflection on the skills used, such as observation, and the knowledge gained. Differentiated activity sheets cater to varying levels of understanding, with the most advanced task requiring children to sort shapes and real-life objects without names, challenging them to identify and label the shapes independently.

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