Properties of shape - Lines of symmetry draw the whole - Starter

Year 2
Properties of shape - Lines of symmetry draw the whole  - Starter
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In the Year 2 Spring Term mathematics curriculum for Week 8, Day 2, students are presented with a variety of exercises to enhance their understanding of basic arithmetic and the properties of shapes. The 'Fluent in Four' revision segment offers quick-fire subtraction problems, such as "93 – 49" and "Seven tens and 6 ones subtract double 36," to bolster mental maths skills. Additionally, the lesson includes practical word problems where students must apply their subtraction knowledge. For instance, Mal has 5 buns and after eating 2, is left with 3. Lee starts with 7 buns and must eat a certain number so that he has the same amount as Mal. Students are tasked with finding the missing number in the equation "7 – _____" that would equate to Mal's remaining buns.

Another key focus of the lesson is on the properties of shapes, specifically symmetry. Students are asked to identify shapes that have a vertical line of symmetry, enhancing their spatial awareness and understanding of geometric concepts. The lesson also incorporates a practical activity where various items are weighed using rubbers, and students must sequence them from lightest to heaviest, further developing their ability to compare and order based on weight. Through these engaging tasks, students are encouraged to develop their mathematical reasoning and problem-solving abilities in a fun and interactive way.

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