Properties of shape - Lines of symmetry draw the whole - Presentation

Year 2
Properties of shape - Lines of symmetry draw the whole  - Presentation
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In a geometry-focused lesson, students explore the concept of vertical symmetry and engage in activities designed to help them identify and draw lines of symmetry. The lesson begins with a discussion on what vertical symmetry entails, prompting students to consider the meaning of symmetry and how it manifests in various shapes. Practical exercises include using a mirror to find shapes that exhibit vertical lines of symmetry, such as a rectangle with a dotted line down the middle, representing the line of symmetry. Students are encouraged to think critically about the properties of symmetry and to use hands-on tools to aid their understanding.

The lesson progresses with further activities where students locate objects with vertical symmetry, again using a mirror to assist in their discovery. For example, they might find that a pencil has a vertical line of symmetry when a dotted line is drawn along its length. Reasoning tasks challenge students to evaluate whether certain shapes drawn by their peers, such as Tia's shape, have vertical symmetry or not. Independent work tasks include completing incomplete shapes using a given line of symmetry, identifying which shapes have vertical symmetry, and correcting any mistakes made in the symmetry identification process. The lesson aims to build a solid foundation in recognizing and drawing symmetrical shapes and understanding the principles behind vertical symmetry.

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