Biography and Autobiography - Lesson 8 - Me Myself and I PowerPoint

Year 3 - Year 4
Biography and Autobiography - Lesson 8 - Me Myself and I PowerPoint
Teacher of Primary
Teacher of Primary
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In a focused lesson on personal pronouns, students are introduced to the concept and usage of these pronouns in the context of autobiographical writing. Personal pronouns are words that replace nouns, which are terms for people, places, or things, to avoid repetition and streamline sentences. The lesson highlights the importance of using personal pronouns such as 'I', 'you', 'he', 'she', 'it', 'we', 'they', 'me', 'him', 'her', 'us', and 'them' to refer to people and things. An example is given where 'Emma loves chocolate' becomes 'She could eat it all day', demonstrating the substitution of nouns with appropriate personal pronouns.

Students are then tasked with exercises to practice rewriting sentences by replacing nouns with personal pronouns, thereby improving their writing fluency. For instance, the sentence 'Mike turned the fire on because Mike was cold' is revised to 'Mike turned the fire on because he was cold', using 'he' as the personal pronoun. This exercise helps students understand how to avoid redundancy and create more engaging narratives. In autobiographical writing, personal pronouns are particularly prevalent as the writer is recounting their own experiences. The lesson encourages students to check their sentences with their teacher, ensuring they have correctly replaced nouns with personal pronouns, and emphasizes the role of personal pronouns in making autobiographical stories more personal and relatable.

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