Inspired by: Tin Forest - Week 3

Year 2
Inspired by: Tin Forest - Week 3

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Inspired by the narrative of The Tin Forest, the learning activity for the week focuses on writing instructions, a key skill in literacy. Students are encouraged to think creatively, drawing parallels between the growth of a seed and the blossoming of an idea. The activity begins by prompting children to consider their experiences with planting seeds and observing their growth when nurtured with water and sunlight. They are then asked to contemplate what materials are necessary for planting a real seed, how to care for it, and which part of the plant emerges first. To guide their writing, students are provided with a list of relevant words, including 'root', 'shoot', and 'flower', as well as connectives like 'first' and 'next' to structure their instructions logically.

The second part of the learning journey involves using conjunctions such as 'and', 'because', and 'when'. This activity is set in the context of the old man finding a bundle of faded seed packets, which the children are tasked to rewrite. They must consider essential information for the seed packets, such as the name and description of the plant, planting facts, and sowing and growing instructions. The children are guided to include important details such as the preferred position, type of light needed, flowering time, and the plant's height. By designing a seed packet label, students apply their knowledge and creativity, ensuring they communicate the necessary information clearly and effectively. This exercise not only enhances their understanding of plant growth but also reinforces the use of precise language and conjunctions in writing.

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