7 Times Tables - Remainders

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7 Times Tables -  Remainders
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Delve into the world of multiplication and remainders with an exciting board game that combines fun and learning. Each player needs a counter and a 1-6 sided dice to navigate the "Remainders Board – 7s". The objective of the game is straightforward: players take turns rolling the dice and advancing their counter along the board. Upon landing on a number, the player must divide it by seven. A handy strategy is to partition the number into multiples of ten and the remaining units to make the division easier. Players then score points equal to the remainder of their division.

The game continues with each player aiming to accumulate the highest score possible from the remainders. Victory is claimed by the player who has the highest score when the first participant crosses the finish line. For example, if a player lands on the number 93, they would calculate 93 divided by 7. By breaking it down, they'd first take 70 (which is 10 lots of 7) away from 93, leaving 23. Then, they'd see that 21 (which is 3 lots of 7) fits into 23, resulting in a remainder of 2. This remainder is the player's score for that turn. With each roll of the dice, the excitement builds as players edge closer to the finish, all the while reinforcing their understanding of the 7 times table and remainders.