There’s A Crazy Alien On The Road - Activity Pack

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There’s A Crazy Alien On The Road - Activity Pack
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"There's A Crazy Alien On The Road" is a whimsical children's book that combines the imaginative world of aliens with the excitement of fast cars. The story, penned by Sally Anne Jones, is brought to life through the vibrant illustrations of Annalisa Jones. Published by Guinea Pig Education, this book is part of their educational children's books collection. The narrative follows the adventures of Dan and his extraterrestrial friend, Zoggy, who hails from the distant planet Zen. Zoggy, the super alien hero, arrives on Earth with a dream to experience the thrill of driving a bright red Ferrari. The book is a delightful journey that explores the consequences of acting on impulse and the importance of following rules, even for those from far-off worlds.

As Zoggy becomes enamored with the shiny Ferrari, he uses his advanced technology from Zen to create a replica of the car. However, his excitement leads him to drive recklessly through the town, ignoring traffic laws and causing chaos. His lack of knowledge about Earth's driving regulations and his inability to physically play sports like football due to his metallic legs, make for a series of humorous and engaging scenarios. Despite the trouble Zoggy finds himself in, including a dramatic police chase, the story concludes with a valuable lesson about responsibility and the alien's sincere apology for his actions. The book ends with a message about the significance of self-control and adherence to societal norms, leaving young readers with a moral to ponder.

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