There's A Crazy Alien On The Road - Teacher Notes

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There's A Crazy Alien On The Road - Teacher Notes
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"There's A Crazy Alien On The Road" is a captivating children's book aimed at an audience between the ages of 3 to 7 years. The story serves as a tool for adults to engage in meaningful conversations with young children about the important life lesson that one cannot always get everything they desire. The narrative follows Zoggy, an alien from a world where every wish is instantly granted at the press of a button. Spoilt by such convenience, Zoggy lands on Earth and immediately wants to possess a Ferrari he spots in a garage showroom, reflecting his impulsive nature and desire for immediate gratification.

The tale takes a turn when Zoggy begins to drive the car recklessly on Earth's roads, showing no regard for the rules until he notices the police's flashing lights. This moment of realisation prompts a profound change in the alien's perspective. Published by Guinea Pig Education, this book is part of the Zoggy the Alien series, which explores themes of inclusiveness and acceptance. As Zoggy navigates life on Earth, he experiences emotions such as fear and anxiety but also discovers that he is loved and welcomed. These stories are up-to-date, embedding valuable lessons within their pages, and are sure to resonate with young readers.

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