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Pango favourites provided by Earth Cubs

Inspiring children everywhere to learn about the world they live in, Earth Cubs create videos, games and engaging worksheets all written by teachers and aligned with the school curriculum.

Travel to the Arctic with Earth Cubs

With these resources from Earth Cubs your class can learn about the Arctic whilst having fun. Your students will learn about how animals adapt to the cold as well as the environmental issues that the Arctic is facing, through engaging videos, worksheets and games.

Welcome to the Rainforest

Use Earth Cubs interactive resources to teach your students about the Rainforest. Through worksheets and puzzles your class will learn about the amazing rainforests and the fascinating animals that live there!

An introduction to the City

Introduce your class to the City. Through Earth Cubs informative resources, teach your students about the city and the environmental issues that exist. Help your students understand problems such as air pollution and litter and what can be done to help!