Units of Volume and Capacity - PowerPoint

Year 3
Units of Volume and Capacity - PowerPoint
Teacher of Primary
Teacher of Primary
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KS2 Maths Teaching Resources: Units of Volume and Capacity - Year 3 Year 3 maths programme of study - Measurement: measure, compare, add and subtract: volume/capacity (l/ml) In 'Units of Volume and Capacity - Year 3' pupils learn how to measure, compare, add and subtract capacity and volume (l/ml). This measurement teaching resource is ideal to use during a lesson covering the year 3 curriculum objective listed above. 'Units of Volume and Capacity - Year 3' is a maths PowerPoint presentation containing: What is volume and capacity explanation How we measure volume and capacity explanation Using mixed units (litres and millilitres) Comparing units of capacity and volume Adding and subtracting capacity and volume Full of activities with accompanying worksheets to use alongside the lesson or can be used separately 1 further worksheet with answers
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