Medium Term Plan - Rounders - Year 6

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Year 6
Medium Term Plan - Rounders - Year 6
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The Year 6 medium-term plan for Rounders, as part of the Physical Education curriculum, spans six lessons with the intent to develop a variety of skills in the sport. The programme aims to enhance students' abilities in sending, receiving, batting, and bowling, both individually and within a competitive game context. The lessons focus on improving the range and consistency of these skills, encouraging strategic play, and promoting decision-making during gameplay. Students will also learn the importance of teamwork and leadership, alongside understanding the impact of exercise on body movements and overall health. Throughout the course, students will be expected to recall key knowledge about rounders, apply game rules, and develop strategies to solve problems and improve performance.

Students will engage in a structured sequence of activities that build upon each other, starting with ball familiarisation and hand-eye coordination, progressing through fielding and bowling, and culminating in game situations and tactics. Each week, the learning objectives are clearly outlined, with tasks designed to develop specific skills such as underarm and overarm throwing, batting technique, and bowling accuracy. The plan also incorporates mental and physical development, with warm-ups to improve fitness and activities that encourage mental agility, such as scoring and umpiring. By the end of the six weeks, students will be assessed on their ability to apply the skills and knowledge they have gained, demonstrating improved performance in rounders and a deeper understanding of the game's rules and tactics.

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