Medium Term Plan - Gymnastics - Year 3

Physical Education
Year 3
Medium Term Plan - Gymnastics - Year 3
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The Year 3 gymnastics scheme of work spans six lessons, with the aim of developing students' basic gymnastic skills such as shape making, turning, rolling, jumping, balancing, and travelling. The curriculum is designed to encourage children to create and link movements, both on the floor and using low apparatus, while adapting and refining their sequences by incorporating changes in levels and direction. A significant aspect of the learning process is the collaboration between students to evaluate and suggest improvements to their movements. Additionally, the program highlights the importance of understanding the physical and mental benefits of exercise, including the body's changes during physical activity.

Over the course of the six-week plan, students will engage in a variety of tasks designed to enhance their knowledge and skills in gymnastics. The first week focuses on replicating basic shapes and balances with body tension and extension, progressing to the composition of small sequences. In subsequent weeks, students explore rotations, develop sequences with a partner, and refine their ability to balance and sequence movements. The program emphasises the importance of accurate replication, developing physical and mental capacity, and decision-making in creating aesthetically pleasing sequences. By the end of the six lessons, students will have progressed from simple actions to more complex movements, demonstrating improved body tension, control, and the ability to refine and modify performances. The scheme not only aims to develop gymnastic skills but also fosters personal development, cooperation, and respect for others, contributing to the students' overall well-being and character education.

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