PZAZ prioritises equipping teachers with the essential tools to deliver exceptional Science lessons, ensuring remarkable outcomes for pupils.
Dive into Pzaz
  • Coherent & systematic whole-school scheme, written with you in mind.
  • See your pupils acquire confidence & competence in Science skills & critical evaluation.
  • Foster & develop a passion for learning about the world around them.
  • Enhance the capabilities of your team through easy-to-follow, modelled CPD videos & subject leader resources.
What is PZAZ?

The PZAZ scheme of work is a comprehensive and dynamic framework tailored for primary school educators and non-specialists, designed to elevate the delivery of Science lessons. Created by Science specialists and aligning seamlessly with the Primary Science National Curriculum objectives, this scheme has a variety of captivating plans, presentations and resources to foster engaging and effective learning experiences, while giving you peace of mind regarding curriculum coverage.


What sets PZAZ apart is its commitment to providing teachers with a wealth of supporting materials - ranging from knowledge organisers and progression maps to lesson plans, CPD videos, presentations and more. This extensive toolkit not only simplifies the teaching process but also empowers teachers to easily locate, present and evaluate lessons while monitoring pupil progress. By offering a structured, cohesive and progressive Science curriculum throughout all primary years, PZAZ ensures consistent and meaningful advancement in scientific knowledge and skills.


In essence, the PZAZ scheme of work is a valuable resource that will not only save you time but also enhance the quality of instruction, enabling you and your team to deliver stimulating and informative Science lessons to your pupils and instil a love for learning about the world.

What can you expect from this scheme?
  • Detailed lesson plans and presentations
  • Full National Curriculum coverage
  • Visual Knowledge Organisers
  • Progression and Curriculum Maps
  • Easy-to-follow CPD Videos
  • Extensive Subject Leader Toolkit
Ensure clear progression of substantive and disciplinary knowledge in science from R-Y6.
Gain confidence and teach outstanding science lessons
Gain confidence and teach outstanding science lessons
National curriculum coverage for KS1 and KS2
National curriculum coverage for KS1 and KS2