March of the kitchen utensils - Video

Year 1 - Year 2
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Music Playtime

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March Past of the Kitchen Utensils

This is the Belmont High School Chamber Orchestra with Wind Ensemble playing a piece by the composer Vaughan Williams, amusingly entitled March Past of the Kitchen Utensils! Ask the children as they listen, which part of the music is marching to the shops to buy the food (part 1), and which part is chopping, stirring and skipping around the kitchen (the middle section). The last part is like the first section; what do the children think is happening here?

Moving to the Music

The children march in time to the music, then stop and make a shape like a kitchen utensil when they hear the loud crashes (eg long like a spoon, round like a bowl). In the middle section, the children pretend to make dinner, chopping, stirring and skipping around the kitchen. They go back to marching when the original theme returns.

What's My Sound?

Show the children a range of kitchen utensils that can make a sound from each other - aim for a range of materials, shapes and sizes: eg small metal jug, big plastic bowl, wooden spoons. First let the children experiment freely with making different sounds, then hide the utensils behind a screen. The children take turns to go behind the screen and make a sound one one utensil, while the other children guess what the utensil was. You could do this as a team game if you wish.