Max Maths, Year 1, Learn together, Coins

Year 1
Max Maths, Year 1, Learn together, Coins
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In the 'Max Maths' curriculum for Year 1, the 'Learn Together' section introduces young learners to the concept of coins and their values. Through this engaging educational material, children begin to familiarise themselves with the different denominations of coins that are commonly used in transactions. Starting with the smallest value, the 1-cent coin is introduced. It is a basic unit of currency, and students learn to recognise and write its value as '1¢'. This foundational knowledge is crucial as it sets the stage for understanding the monetary system.

Moving on from the 1-cent coin, the lesson continues with the 2-cent coin, doubling the value and reinforcing the concept of numerical progression in currency. The value is written as '2¢'. The lesson then introduces the 5-cent coin, another step up in value, which is represented as '5¢'. As the coin values increase, students are shown the 10-cent coin, commonly referred to as '10¢', followed by the 20-cent coin, written as '20¢'. Lastly, the 50-cent coin, the highest value discussed in this section, is presented to the children, and they learn to write its value as '50¢'. Through these incremental steps, children develop an understanding of money and its different forms, laying the groundwork for future financial literacy.

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