Properties of shape - Lines of symmetry - Starter

Year 2
Properties of shape - Lines of symmetry - Starter
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At the start of a Year 2 maths lesson, students are presented with a series of engaging tasks to revise their understanding of basic arithmetic and geometry. The first challenge asks them to double the number 24 and add another 24, reinforcing their addition skills. Another task prompts them to calculate the time as a quarter past three, blending numerical understanding with time-telling abilities. The worksheet encourages students to explore shapes by asking if they can draw a triangle within a rectangle and to consider the number of straight sides required for the task. Additionally, they are tasked with sequencing the numbers 9, 1, and 6 correctly on a number line that spans from 0 to 10, which aids in their comprehension of numerical order.

Further activities on the worksheet include practical measurement exercises where students use a ruler to determine the heights of two coloured blocks, one red and one blue, and then compare them to identify which is the tallest. These exercises not only test students' ability to measure accurately but also help them understand comparisons and descriptive terms related to measurement. The varied tasks are designed to be interactive and hands-on, fostering a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts of mathematics in a way that is accessible and enjoyable for young learners. It's important to note that the illustrations and measurements provided are not to scale, which encourages students to rely on their own measurements rather than visual estimation.

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