Properties of shape - Lines of symmetry - Presentation

Year 2
Properties of shape - Lines of symmetry - Presentation
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The concept of symmetry, particularly lines of symmetry, is a fundamental aspect of geometry that is explored in a series of engaging activities for learners. The presentation begins by inviting students to consider what symmetry means, specifically focusing on lines of symmetry within 2D shapes. Initial activities challenge students to fold various shapes to discover vertical lines of symmetry, prompting them to understand and identify what 'vertical' means in this context. This hands-on approach encourages students to interact with shapes directly, fostering a practical understanding of symmetry.

Progressing through the lesson, students are tasked with drawing vertical lines of symmetry on given shapes, which helps them visualise and reinforce the concept. They are also asked to identify shapes that have been incorrectly marked with lines of symmetry, using folding as a method to verify their answers. Further reasoning exercises include drawing four-sided shapes with vertical lines of symmetry and completing shapes using a mirror placed along these lines. Towards the end of the session, independent work activities provide an opportunity for students to cut out shapes and test for vertical lines of symmetry, draw these lines, and complete shapes to demonstrate their understanding. The lesson concludes with a discussion that revisits key questions about symmetry, ensuring that students can confidently identify and apply the concept of vertical lines of symmetry in various shapes.

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